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1917 Clara Kimball Young SHIRLEY KAYE Rare Lost Silent Film Movie Theatre Herald

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Very hard to find original "book shaped" silent film movie theater herald for SHIRLEY KAY.  Shirley Kaye is a LOST 1917 American silent comedy drama film directed by Joseph Kaufman and starring Clara Kimball Young, Corliss Giles and George Fawcett. Written by Hulbert Footner (play) Margaret Turnbull. Produced by Clara Kimball Young, Lewis J. Selznick. Cinematography William Marshall. Production company Clara Kimball Young Film Corporation. Distributed by Selznick Pictures.


Clara Kimball Young as Shirley Kaye

Corliss Giles as John Rowson

George Fawcett as T.L. Magen

George Backus as Egerton Kaye

Claire Whitney as Daisy Magen

Nellie Lindrith as Mrs. Magen

John Sunderland as Earl Rosselvin

Mrs. F.O. Winthrop as Mrs. Bayliss

Frank Otto as Dingwall

This was from The Butler Theater in Tonopah, Nevada. When opened up completely it’s 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall at the spine. Used condition. Please examine the images closely and ask any questions before purchasing. Shipped flat, solid and secure, inside of an archival quality extra thick 2 mil Crystal Clear resealable protective closure bag sleeve.  Inventory# silentfilmbin.