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1917 Jean Hathaway Herbert Rawlinson COME THROUGH Rare Silent Film Movie Herald

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From the Southern California estate sale of a silent film collector! Very hard to find original silent film movie theater herald for COME THROUGH. 

Come Through is a 1917 American silent crime film directed by Jack Conway and starring Alice Lake, Jean Hathaway, and Herbert Rawlinson. Written by George Brownson Howard. Jewel Productions. In seven reels.

Mrs. Sylvester Van Deek, played by Jean Hathaway, seeks to barter her niece to a wealthy man. Velma loves Archie Craig, but he has no money and is in the same boat as Mrs. Van Deek. Comes east one Buck Lindsay, who has an income he cannot spend. Mrs. Van Deek believes her niece is just the one who can dispose of Lindsay's money and plots their marriage. A couple of Buckaroo friends of Lindsay's come east to see that his marriage is properly done, and buy for his wife-to-be a valuable necklace. It so happens that they run into Jimmy Court, who learns of the hall they carry. Everything goes along well with Lindsay and Velma until the former learns that the girl is in love with another. Then he plots on his own account. "Possum" comes after his haul, and, all that awaited him was a gun, a wife and a minister. Things happen fast after that. Craig throws down Velma for a wealthy widow, and it is then up to Court to make good. He turns square and becomes a dance artist assisted by his oddly won wife. They make good, and are going great until Lindsay finds out the terrible mistake he has made and tries to win Velma from Court. The latter gains the aid of "the honest Alderman" John Lysaght, and fighting hard, ultimately not only triumphs in the plot laid for him by Boss McGinnis and Lindsay, but also has the pleasure of having the ladder come to his rescue while he is battling with McGinnis and his gang in their own lair. The best Photodrama you have seen in ages. A big thrilling drama, crammed with suspense and action."

Alice Lake as Velma Gay

Jean Hathaway as Mrs. Sylvester Van Deek

Herbert Rawlinson as James Harrington Court, aka 'The Possum'

George Webb as Archie Craig

Roy Stewart as Buck Lindsay

Charles Hill Mailes as John Lysaght

Margaret Whistler as Mrs. Stoat

William J. Dyer as McGinnis

When opened up completely it’s 6.5 x 9.5 inches. Used condition, wear & tear, crease marks, etc. Please examine the images closely and ask any questions before purchasing. Shipped flat, solid and secure, inside of an archival quality extra thick 2 mil Crystal Clear resealable protective closure bag sleeve.  Inventory# silentfilmcollection.