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1920 Henry Walthall in CONFESSION Rare Catholic Silent Film Movie Theatre Herald

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Very hard to find original 1920 silent film movie theater herald for CONFESSION. A priest hears a murderer's confession but can't reveal the truth, even though his brother is being tried for the crime. Director Bertram Bracken, writers Hal Reid, Franklyn Hall, William H. Clifford. Stars Henry B. Walthall, Francis McDonald, William Clifford. Presented by Geo H. Davis. Produced by National Film Corporation of America.

"Editorial in The Pilot gives high praise to Confession, The pilot, official organ of the archdiocese of Boston, November 8, 1919. It is refreshing to turn from the moving pictures of the day with their salacious themes and questionable situations to the photoplay exhibited in the city this week entitled Confession. It is a story of real human interest, beautifully depicted on the screen, and conveys a noble lesson. The plot hinges on the seal of the confessional and shows the Catholic priest ready to suffer torture, death and the loss of his loved ones rather than break the seal of the confessional. Thoroughly Catholic in tone and sentiment, it should be witnessed by every Catholic. The best way to remove objectional films from our picture houses is to substitute pictures like the Confession. It marks an epoch in the moving picture world."

"Confession involves a theme never before attempted. It will be long remembered both for its powerful story and the marvelous portrayal of the role enacted by Henry B. Walthall. As the Catholic priest, Walthall's true artistry is displayed in this enthralling screen drama. The scenes of confession present a succession of dramatic thunderbolts. Tense situations and gripping climax hold the viewers in suspense throughout, though the tremendous theme is softened by the elements of love and comedy which pervade the story. Walthall in the role of Father Bartlett is the placed in an unprecedented position. By the laws of the church he is bound to secrecy when his revelation of knowledge gained in the confessional is the one thing that can save his own brother, who has been falsely accused of another's crime. The denouement of this heartbreaking situation is accomplished by the author, Hal Reid, in clever dramatic fashion and with absolute fidelity to the great fundamental Catholic principal involved."

James Cardinal Gibbons... "this is the first work of its kind I have ever recommended. You deserve it." Cardinal Mercier of Belgium... "Congratulate you upon your splendid photoplay, Confession. It will prove a great benefit to humanity and you have my sincerest wishes for its lasting success." William Cardinal O'Connell... "The scenes and story of Confession have deeply impressed me. The effect ought to be salutary." Edward J. Hanna Archbishop of San Francisco... To the people of San Francisco, irrespective of religious belief, I command the photoplay, Confession. It has rare dramatic value, and its moral lesson will ever be deep and lasting."

When opened up completely it’s 6 x 12.5 inches. Used condition. Please examine the images closely and ask any questions before purchasing. Shipped flat, solid and secure, inside of an archival quality extra thick 2 mil Crystal Clear resealable protective closure bag sleeve.  Inventory# silentfilmbin.