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1960's Membership Card MICKIE FINN’S Speakeasy Nightclub San Diego California

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An original 1960's era membership card for MICKIE FINN'S - West Coast's #1 Speakeasy! Size is about 2.3 x 3.5 inches. Used condition. "This is your permanent membership card, good until the return of prohibition, and even after that! Sign and retain this card, it's your free admission from now on, special events included. Greatest Banjo, Rinky-Dink Piano and Roaring 20s music what am! Silent film classics too! Mickie Finn's, Finnegan Enterprises Inc. Home of NBC TV show summer 1966. 1051 University, San Diego, 295-2195."

"We don't care what Capone says - we ain't movin' from dis place!"

Mickie Finn's (also known as Mickey Finn's) was a nightclub in San Diego, California, established in 1960 by piano player Fred E. Finn (Fred Soetje) and his wife Barbara, who used the stage name "Mickie Finn". Finn later extended the brand to a second club in Beverly Hills, a television show on NBC in 1966, a series of compilation record albums issued from 1966 on, and a stage show continuing into the 21st century.

Fred and Barbara Soetje opened Mickie Finn's on October 28, 1960. They converted an old warehouse on University Avenue in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, into a "Gay '90s / Roaring '20s / Swinging '30s" nightclub. Finn was a piano player from San Francisco and had recently received a business administration degree from San Jose State College. He considered Washington and Hawaii for his planned nightclub, but chose San Diego because of logistics—he could not afford to transport his collection of old nickelodeons, 1890s pictures, and various turn-of-the-century items, with which he planned to decorate the new club, to the more distant locations.

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