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1967 U.S. Army SPECIAL FORCES Airborne Foreign Weapons Handbook Kennedy Center

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A rare Special Forces foreign weapons book from a Southern California estate sale, see all 19 images below, I have included the contents list! January 1, 1967 UNITED STATES ARMY JOHN F KENNEDY CENTER FOR SPECIAL WARFARE AIRBORNE, FORT BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINA, US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES FOREIGN WEAPONS HANDBOOK. Published by; OAC of S, G2 USAJFKCENSPWAR (abn). Used condition.

INCLUDED is the original letter that accompanied this book (very hard to find): 

1. The format of the attached handbook is a radical departure from the standard Army manuals. 

"The new US Army Special Forces Foreign Weapons Handbook is now being prepared for distribution, culminating over two years effort on the part of one of the Army's foremost weapons experts. "

The above is a news release lead paragraph regarding the attached handbook. If this book proves useful to the recipients, a possibility exists that it will be printed by the Government Printing Office as an Army technical manual, a Department of the Army pamphlet, or a special text training handbook.

2. Copies of this book are now being placed on special, limited distribution. It is urged that individuals, staffs and agencies receiving this book review it with a view towards its future usefulness as an Army wide distributed publication. 

3. It is requested that informal comments be forwarded to this office regarding the use to which the book will be put, suggested changes in the text or format which will improve its usefulness, and number of copies needed in the future or level of command to which future copies should be distributed. Frank A. Moyer, Sergeant Major, US Army.

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