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Vintage Menu BOSTON SEA PARTY Dining Revolution Restaurant Carol Stream Illinois

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Hard to find original menu from BOSTON SEA PARTY A Dining Revolution. The price for this culinary extravaganza is $12.95 per person, reservations preferred. You could get your grog at the HMS Beaver Lounge. A long lost letter written by Josiah Endicott Stevens, a participant in the Boston Tea Party historical event, to his wife, dated Thursday, December 17, 1773... "My dearest wife, the bloody redcoats are a stubborn bunch of sots, but yesterday we showed them true American meddle. Adorning our bodies and painting our faces in the manner of red Indians, we descended upon Griffin's Wharf and, through stealth, boarded the HMS Beaver and two other British tea vessels..." Size is 9 x 12 inches when closed. Used condition. Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant, there may be writing, wear and tear, spots, old smell, stains, crinkles and creases, etc., so please ask questions and examine the images closely before your purchase. Inventory# B22-17.