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1835 Indenture Document BARONET SIR HENRY PEYTON & SON Swift's House Oxford COX

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1835 Vellum Indenture Document

This was found at an estate sale auction in southern California, no provenance or history of it's possession was known by the estate sale company. I "believe" this is some sort of sale or lease sale between Baronet Sir Henry Peyton (and his son & wife Dame Harriet) and Charlotte Anne Cox.

This is how I read the first part...

This Indenture made the tenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty five between Sir Henry Peyton of Swift's House near Bicester in the county of Oxford Baronet and Henry Peyton of Woodstock in the said County of Oxford only son of the said Sir Henry Peyton and Dame Harriet his wife of the one part and Charlotte Anne Cox of Grosvenor Place in the county of Middlesex spinster of the other part. Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of five Shillings of lawful British money to the said Sir Henry Peyton and Henry Peyton paid by the said Charlotte Anne Cox at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.

It has two wax seals and various stamps, signature of Sir Henry Peyton and also from his son Henry Peyton.

Parts of this document list every known geological feature known to mankind like meadows, valleys, knolls, some I've never heard of! Rents, tenant names, rent amounts.

Size is 22 x 27 inches when completely opened up, five pages.