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1882 CRANIAL AMULETS Skull Prehistoric Trephining Trepanning Crania Fracture

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•Title: Crania Showing Effect Of Fracture And Disease (Plate #3)
•Year: 1882
•Print size (inches):
9 x 11.5 (large)
•Print size (cm): 23 x 29 (large)
•Provenance:  Prehistoric Trephining And Cranial Amulets, Robert Fletcher (copy of dated title page will be provided)
•Verso:  Blank
  Government Printing Office - Washington


This 133 year old antique print is part of a collection of engravings produced by the Department Of The Interior, U.S. Geographical And Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain region, John Wesley Powell in charge, the famous expedition explorer. Please examine the images closely for any small imperfections not noted here. Very good condition!

Plate #3 
Crania Showing Effect Of Fracture And Disease

Perforating fracture of the left parietal near it's posterior superior angle; internal view showing the depressed fragment of the internal table which has reunited.
Result of injury to right frontal and parietal region, causing extensive sinuses between the inner and outer table. Natural size.