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1888 Engraving Henry Kemble Oliver Essex County Salem Ma. Genealogy History

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Antique 1888 steel engraving bookplate!

Henry Kemble Oliver (November 24, 1800 – August 12, 1885) was an American who served as the 5th Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts, the 21st Mayor of Salem, Massachusetts as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the Adjutant General of Massachusetts, and as the 26th Treasurer of Massachusetts.

Oliver was born to Daniel and Elizabeth (Kemble) Oliver on November 24, 1800 in North Beverly, Massachusetts. Originally named Thomas Henry, Oliver's name was changed, by the legislature, in 1821 to that of his mother's brother who had died in 1802.

Oliver entered Phillips Academy, Andover in 1811 and Harvard College in the fall of 1814, however because Harvard was becoming overly Unitarian in its views and also more expensive, Oliver left Harvard after his sophomore year and transferred to Dartmouth College entering Dartmouth's Junior class in the fall of 1816. Oliver graduated from Dartmouth College. Oliver also received a degree Ad eundem from Harvard.

In 1844 Oliver was appointed the Adjutant General of Massachusetts by Governor George N. Briggs.

Portrait with signature facsimile.

This is from a collection of bookplates rescued from a badly damaged two volume 1888 first edition set entitled "History Of Essex County Massachusetts, With Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers And Prominent Men." By D. Hamilton Hurd.

For provenance, you will receive a copy of the title page. We also leave the edge untrimmed, which provides origin provenance.

The approximate entire bookplate size is 7.5 x 10.5 inches or 19 x 27 cm. The backside, or verso, is blank.

Very good. See images for condition, some have spots, foxing, tears, etc.