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1895 ASTRAL WORSHIP J. H. Hill Original 1st/1st Occult Astrology Solar Roman God

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Original 1895 First Edition / First Printing with the Astrological Wheel up front, it still turns and is functional. Contents include... geocentric system of nature, sacred numbers 7 and 12, 12,000 year cycle, ancient triad, God sol, ancient cosmogony, fall and redemption of man, incarnations of God Sol, fable of the 12 labors, anniversaries of solar worship, personifications of the divisions of time, Zodiacal symbols of solar worship, signs of the cross, future rewards and punishments, Jewish or ancient Christianity, the prophecies, Roman or modern Christianity, freemasonry and druidism, the Sabbath, pious frauds. Condition is used with some page-spine repair. Some pencil notations throughout. Bumped and worn corners. Used.

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