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1916 Tribal Ibilao ILINGOT Rain-Coat Hat Spear LUZON Philippine Islands Print

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•Title: Ilingot In Rain-Coat And Hat Of Deerskin
•Year: 1916
•Print size (inches):
•Print size (cm): 14x20
•Provenance: The Spell Of The Hawaiian Islands And The Philippines
•Verso: Blank 
The Page Company - Boston


This comes from a unique collection of photograph Duogravure plates published by The Page Company in 1916 for Isabel Anderson's "The Spell Of The Hawaiian Islands And The Philippines".

This vintage print is in very good condition, please examine the images closely for any small imperfections before making a purchase. The actual image size is about one inch less. We have left these plates untrimmed, so one side will be rough.

The Ilongots (or Ibilao) are a tribe who inhabit the southern Sierra Madre (Philippines) and Caraballo Mountains, on the east side of Luzon Island in the Philippines, primarily in the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija and along the mountain border between the provinces of Quirino and Aurora. An alternative name of this tribe and its language is "Bugkalots". Presently, there are about 2,500 Ilongots. The Ilongots tend to inhabit areas close to rivers, as they provide a foodsource and a means for transportation. Their language is the Ilongot language, currently spoken by about 50,000 people.