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1917 William S Hart THE SILENT MAN Rare Western Silent Film Movie Theatre Herald

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From the Southern California estate sale of a silent film collector! Very hard to find original silent film movie theater herald for THE SILENT MAN.  

The Silent Man is a 1917 American Western silent film directed by William S. Hart and written by Charles Kenyon. The film stars William S. Hart, Vola Vale, Robert McKim, Dorcas Matthews, J. P. Lockney, George Nichols, and Gertrude Claire. It was released on November 26, 1917, by Paramount Pictures. The movie premiered in Los Angeles at Sid Grauman's Million Dollar Theater.

As described in a film magazine, 'Silent' Budd Marr (Hart) comes to the town of Bakeoven to spend some of the gold for which he had labored so hard. Through Handsome Jack Pressley (McKim) he gets into a fight, and is confined to bed for a couple of weeks during which his claim is stolen. All efforts to regain his property are unsuccessful, so when he finds the claim jumpers loading their loot on the stage coach, he holds it up, and at the same time rescues Betty Bryce (Vale), a young woman Pressley had lured with the promise of marriage to work in his dance hall. As the girl learns the true nature of Pressley she is thankful and soon falls in love with Budd. A stranger known as Uncle Grubstake (Lockney) has become friendly with Bud and Betty's brother David (Goodwin), and when the citizens attempt to hang Budd for robbing the coach, Grubstake reveals his true identity as a federal agent, and has the evidence that gets Pressley and his gang arrested. Budd and Betty end up happy.

William S. Hart as 'Silent' Budd Marr

Vola Vale as Betty Bryce

Robert McKim as Handsome Jack Pressley

Dorcas Matthews as Topaz

J. P. Lockney as 'Grubstake' Higgins

George Nichols as Preachin' Bill Hardy

Gertrude Claire as Mrs. Hardy

Milton Ross as Ames Mitchell

Harold Goodwin as David Bryce

Like many American films of the time, The Silent Man was subject to cuts by city and state film censorship boards. For example, the Chicago Board of Censors required a cut, in Reel 1, of the intertitle "Region God left unfinished and cursed" etc., to flash five snake scenes, cut two scenes of young woman drinking at bar with men, five roulette scenes, flash adjustment of roulette wheel, from the intertitle "You ought to remember this dress" etc. remove the words "when I was good", Reel 2, the shooting of Hart, Reel 3, change holdup scenes to eliminate actual theft, Reel 4, eliminate three intertitles "Go get the change" etc., "You made a thief of me" etc., and "Now I will expose your hand" and replace with "You forced the act which made me appear a thief", and, Reel 5, two scenes of horse dragging Pressley.

This herald was from The Butler Theatre in Tonopah, Nevada. When opened up completely it’s 7 x 8 inches. Used condition with a couple of angled crease marks, some edge wear and tear. Please examine the images closely and ask any questions before purchasing. Shipped flat, solid and secure, inside of an archival quality extra thick 2 mil Crystal Clear resealable protective closure bag sleeve.  Inventory# silentfilmcollection.