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1917 WWI Packet Boat Menu Paquetbot CHICAGO German Prisoners In France Photo

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Very hard to find!

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique.

Chicago- Steel mixed liner -Transatlantic General Company (1908 ~ 1929). First class single-class cruise of the company. 

Steel liner built in 1908 in Saint-Nazaire by the Société des sites et ateliers of Saint-Nazaire (Penhoët)on behalf of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. Inaugurated on May 29, 1908 by the president of the company, Jules CHARLES-ROUX ; put into service the next day on the New York line for the transport of emigrants(capacity: 1,025 emigrants). Assigned to the Bordeaux-New York line in 1924, then to the West Indies line in 1929, then being renamed Guadeloupe . Sold for demolition in 1936.

Features : 10.501 tx db and 9.296 t pl; length, 152.92 m; width, 17.50 m; two 3-cylinder, triple-expansion pestle machine; power, 8,000 hp; two propellers; speed, 15.5 knots. 

Date: 1917.
Restaurant: Paquebot Chicago.
Location: Ocean.
Size when open: 5 x 7 inches.

The written personal notation looks like it was signed by Henry E. Conrad.

Condition: Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant-bar, so there may be writing, wear & tear, spots, stains, creases, etc. So please examine the images closely! This menu includes... stains, wear and edge tear, bumps, crinkles, corner folds.