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1918 Christmas Dinner Program 17th U. S. CAVALRY TROOP F Camp Harry Jones ROSTER

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Very rare 1918 U. S. Army Christmas Dinner program from encampment Camp Harry J. Jones in Douglas Arizona!

This was at the time of the ending of World War I, and also the time of one of the worst pandemics in human history, the Spanish Flu, H1N1.

It is in pretty good shape! Some wear and marks. 4 inches wide, 9 inches tall when closed.

Troop F, Seventeenth Cavalry
Regiment Organized July 1, 1916 at Fort Bliss, Texas.

First Christmas Dinner at Fort Bliss, Texas.
Second Christmas Dinner at Miami, Arizona.
Third Christmas Dinner at Douglas, Arizona.

Aaron Y. Hardy, Captain. Millard G. Hamden, First Lieutenant. Paul W. Pettengill, Second Lieutenant. Robert B. Meyers, Second Lieutenant Attached. Andrew N. Alexander Second Lieut., Attached. Walter M. Holt, First Sergeant. August A. Suratowy, Mess Sergeant. Otis Stone, Supply Sergeant. Mackinson, Stable Sergeant.

Baker, Calvin. Mugford, Charles. Fahey, Thomas. Schweyer, Clayton.
Gibbons, Joseph. Moore, Archie. Peterson, Harold. Tudder, Ray A.
Mannion, Horace. Lennstrom, Herbert. Sosin, Jacob. Clebhart, Chaster. Dimon, Vernon. Busching, Arthur. Herbert, Bartimus. Kendall, Burton.
Bradfield, Harry F., Murray, William T., Bork, Wallace L.

Lemley, William. Breskey, Frank

Bloom, Earl

Hull, Tom

Margelevich, Joseph

Amaral, John. Arrowood, Elmer. Browning, George. Culver, Howard. Graven, Ralph. Higby, Archibald. Hooper, Hobert. Hunter, Harry. Kullander, Anders. Leland, James. Miller, Erven. Ryan, John. Anderson, Archie. Becker, Sylvester. Christie, Medrel. Ford, Albert. Hartman, Harry. Hoffman, Michael. Hrinn, Stephen. Kerr, Arthur. Lawrence, Fern. Levey, William. Reister, William. Sarge, Charles. Stanley, James.
Broadwell, Michael. Burge, Alfred. Carneski, Stanley. Brundage, Walter. Carlson, Dewey. Carter, Silas.
Burge, Alfred. Carter, Silas. Champine, Charles. Chandler, Ben F.. Chappell, Calvin. Fargy, Floyd. Freeman, Charles. Grass, Fred R.. Heclquist, Ivor. Higley, Samuel. Hilliker, Harley. Hogan, Edwin. Horcher, Joseph. Hughes, John. Johnson, August. Kelly, James. Kelly, John. Kleinman, Chester. Leudders, Homer. Lindgren, Charles. Naviaux, Cleve. Pamplona, Joseph. Parker, George. Radmilovich, Moije. Russell, Harold. Salsgiver, Frank. Schall, Frank. Schreyer, Charles. Searl, Lawrence. Sherman, George. Smith, Harry A.. Smith, Harry J.. Starry, Clarence. Viera, Joseph.

Listerman, William