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1919 HAROLD LOCKWOOD in SHADOWS of SUSPICION Rare Silent Film Movie Herald

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From the Southern California estate sale of a silent film collector! Very hard to find original silent film movie theater herald for SHADOWS OF SUSPICION. Harold Lockwood's last film! This herald was from the Butler Theater in Tonopah, Nevada. Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation. 

"Shadows of Suspicion is a story of intrigue, daring and romance which deals with the dangers and deep mysteries in the life of a young patriot who is wrongfully accused through his vow of silence to the SECRET SERVICE. This character gives Harold Lockwood a role which shows to the full the many sides of his versatile talent, and is replete with thrilling incidents which arouse the deepest loyalty and enthusiasm. The play is one of spontaneous action set against a background of luxury and beauty, which makes a production of intense appeal and distinctive charm. It is a powerful story of secret events guided by the hand of destiny."

Shadows of Suspicion is a 1919 American silent thriller film directed by Edwin Carewe and starring Harold Lockwood, Naomi Childers, and Helen Lindroth. It is based on the 1915 novel The Yellow Dove by George Gibbs, which was later remade as the 1926 film The Great Deception. Lockwood died in the 1918 flu pandemic while filming was ongoing, and a body double was required to complete the film.

Synopsis... After refusing to join the army on the outbreak of World War I, Cyril Hammersley is suspected of being a coward or worse a German spy. In fact he is working for the British secret service to tackle a German spy ring and thwart a plan to blow up London.

Harold Lockwood as Cyril Hammersley

Naomi Childers as Doris Mathers

Helen Lindroth as Lady Betty Heathcote

Kenneth Keating as Geoffrey Mathers

William Bailey as Captain Walter Byfield

Bigelow Cooper as Sir John Rizzio

Leslie T. Peacocke as Chief of Scotland Yard

When opened up completely it’s 7 x 9.7 inches. Used condition, corner piece gone, wear & tear, edge tears, crease marks, etc. Please examine the images closely and ask any questions before purchasing. Shipped flat, solid and secure, inside of an archival quality extra thick 2 mil Crystal Clear resealable protective closure bag sleeve.  Inventory# silentfilmcollection.