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1923 Torii Kiyonaga Ukiyo-e Promenade Sumida Japanese Art Hand Colored Print

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•Title: Kiyonaga (Torii), 1742-1815  Promenade au bord de la Sumida. (plate#26)
•Year: 1923
•Size (inches): 6.8 x 8.8

•Size (cm): 17.5 x 22
•Provenance:  Documents D'Art, Musee Du Louvre, L'Estampe Japonaise, Par Gaston Migeon
•Verso:  No printing
  Editions Albert Morance

      We are pleased to be offering you this 92 year old French hand colored collotype plate of
Kiyonaga's "promenade along the Sumida" This comes from a collection of book style tipped-in plates published on heavy stock paper by the famous French art publisher Albert Morance in 1926. Morance's publishing house specialized in fine arts and architecture, he founded the "Albert Morancé Editions" whose collections include this one; "Documents D'Art, Musee Du Louvre, L'Estampe Japonaise, XVII et XVIII Siccles" (Japanese Prints, XVII & XVIII centuries), it was published in cooperation with Gaston Migeon, the director of The Louvre Museum at that time.

This beautiful print is in very good condition, please examine the images closely before making a purchase.

Torii Kiyonaga (1752 – June 28, 1815) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist of the Torii school. Originally Sekiguchi Shinsuke, the son of an Edo bookseller, he took on Torii Kiyonaga as an art name. Although not biologically related to the Torii family, he became head of the group after the death of his adoptive father and teacher Torii Kiyomitsu.

The master Kiyomitsu died in 1785; since his son died young, and Kiyotsune, Kiyonaga's senior, was a less promising artist, Kiyonaga was the obvious choice to succeed Kiyomitsu to leadership of the Torii school. However, he delayed this for two years, likely devoting time to his bijin-ga and realizing the immense responsibility that would fall on his shoulders once he took over the school. Thus, in 1787, he began organizing the production of kabuki signboards and the like, which the school held a near monopoly on. He also began to train Kiyomitsu's grandson, Torii Kiyomine, who was to succeed him.

 IC07  104