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1925 HASANKEYF HISN KEF Turkey Ruins Mosque Sepia Photogravure ARCHITECTURE

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Title: Hisn Kef. Ruins of Mosque and Bridge. (plate #250, title in 5 languages; English, French, Italian, Spanish, German)
Year: 1925
Print size (inches):
9.2 x 12
Image size (inches): 5.9 x 8.3
Print size (cm): 23.5 x 30.6
Image size (cm): 15 x 21.4
Provenance:  Picturesque Palestine Arabia And Syria
Verso:  Photogravure print
  Brentano's Publishers: New York


This high quality 90 year old sepia photogravure plate comes from a collection of fine art photography by Karl Grober and others, published by Brentano's Publishing in 1925. Please note that there is a gravure on the reverse as well. Very good condition, ready for framing! Free USA shipping.

A photogravure, or "gravure", is a photographic image produced from a copper engraving plate. The process is rarely used today due to the high costs involved, but it produces prints which have the subtlety of a photograph and the art quality of a lithograph.

Hasankeyf (Kurmanji Kurdish: Heskîf, Arabic: حصن كي�ا‎, Greek: Κιφας, Latin: Cepha, from Syriac: ܚܨܢ ܟ�ܦ� Ḥéṣn Kayfa) is an ancient town and district located along the Tigris River in the Batman Province in southeastern Turkey. It was declared a natural conservation area by Turkey in 1981. Predominantly Armenian and Arab before, a steady and significant Kurdish immigration from surrounding villages in the last 20–30 years - combined with the effects of the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide - has shifted the ethnic balance. Kurdish people form the majority of the city centre today.

Much of the city and its archeological sites are at risk of being flooded with the completion of the Ilisu Dam.

 IC07 110