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1936 Bruno Heroux Winkies Doll Waldfest WINKY DINNER Menu Hamburg America Hansa

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This listing is for the vintage menu only, I do not have any other Winkies memorabilia.

Extremely hard to find!

An original Waldfest Winky Dinner menu on board the "Hansa" ship, 1936. Size when closed is 4.5 x 8.25 inches. A passenger wrote a great description of the "Winky Forest Festival" on the back of this menu describing the foods and the phonograph record bird sounds being played through dinner! The menu is dated January 11, 1936, the written description says January 11, 1935, I believe this person was simply mistaken because it was just 11 days past the new year, just like I have made that mistake many times when I write a check shortly into a new year!

Winky art by Bruno Heroux!

Winkies legend is that they lived in the Black Forest of Germany but had to seek refuge on board the Hamburg-American line ships and they perform services on board in exchange for room and board! Actual dolls were given to passengers and there is also a book called "The Story Of The Winkies"!

Condition: Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant-bar, so there may be writing, wear & tear, spots, stains, creases, etc. So please examine the images closely! Inventory# D15-1.