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1939 USS SQUALUS SALVAGE UNIT Heavy Metal Submarine Desk Model Paperweight

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Southern California estate sale find! Very rare... original circa 1939 heavy (10.6 ounces) metal desk model paperweight of the SQUALUS SALVAGE UNIT SUBMARINE. The engraving on the base reads "SQUALUS SALVAGE UNIT May 23, 1939 - Sept. 15 1939." The USS Squalus sunk with crew on board, a famous rescue mission ensued, the sub was salvaged and re-commissioned as the USS Sailfish (SS-192). Condition: it's in pretty darn good shape, even the periscope is still attached, the sub length is 7.25 inches. You also get a January 1986 Smithsonian magazine which contains a 9 page article on the USS Squalus. This will be mailed to you extremely well packaged.

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