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1946 WWII Era War Ration Menu THE HIGHLAND HOTEL Springfield Massachusetts

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Hard to find 1946 menu from THE HIGHLAND HOTEL in Springfield, Massachusetts. CEILING PRICES all prices listed are our ceiling prices unless otherwise indicated, in which case they are below ceiling price. By OPA regulation, our prices are our highest prices from April 4 to April 10, 1943. Records of these prices are available for your inspection. The PRESIDENTS FAMINE EMERGENCY COMMITTEE asks us all: go light on wheat bread, fats and oil. Order no more more than you can eat. Clean your plate, we will serve but a single roll or a slice of wheat bread to each guest. Any patron may have the second roll or more bread simply by asking for it. It's so little they ask of us – let's all Help. SPRINGFIELD'S ORIGINAL SMORGASBORD every Sunday night from 5 PM to 8 PM on display and featured in the center of the Regency Room. The Continental Buffet Supper Table is simply delicious and includes everything on display. Swedish delicate, bread and crackers, domestic cheese and two hot supper dishes. You are invited to circle the table and help yourself as many times as your appetite allows $1.50 per person with a cup of Highland coffee. GRILLED CONNECTICUT RIVER SHAD, mashed potato, new sweet peas $.90. ROAST STUFFED WEBBER DUCKLING, applesauce, mashed potato $1.60. RAGOUT OF VENISON À LA WESTMORELAND, mashed potato $.85. SINGLE BRITISH CANADIAN MUTTON CHOP, mashed potatoes, salad bowl $.80. FRESH CALIFORNIA ASPARAGUS with cold boiled ham $.95. BROILED BLOCK ISLAND SWORDFISH with lemon butter $.90. Size is about 7 x 11 inches when closed. Used condition. Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant, there may be writing, wear and tear, spots, old smell, stains, crinkles and creases, etc., so please ask questions and examine the images closely before your purchase. 

OPA... Contains the 1943 WWII war-time rationing OPA Regulations Statement! OPA was the Office Of Price Administration that issued ration stamps and set maximum pricing allowed for restaurants so that over-inflated high prices would not occur during the war. Meat & other items were in very short supply. The OPA statement was printed on menus to show they were in compliance with the rationing regulations.

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