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1954 PRC CHINA EMBASSY PROPAGANDA Maichi Hill Kansu Statues Photograph Plate

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•Title: Statues of an attendant disciple and three attendant bodhisattvas in one of the grottoes in Maichi Hill, Kansu Provence. They were modelled in the Tang Dynasty, repaired in the Sung Dynasty and painted in the Ming Dynasty. The heights of the figures (from left to right) are 295.5 cm., 295.5 cm., 292.5 cm., 274 cm.
•Year: 1954
•Size (inches):
7.25 x 10.25
•Size (cm): 18.4 x 26
•Provenance:  The Road To Socialism Embassy Packet
•Verso:  Caption title in four languages
  Edited by China Pictorial, printed in the People's Republic of China


This photograph of attendant statues in a grottoe is in great condition!

We are proud to offer selected photographs from this collection. These photo plates were used by
Chinese Embassies at protocolar events to promote China and Communism. Each color plate has a narrative explaining the photograph in four different languages; Chinese, English, French, and Russian. The original embassy packet contained 48 plates.

 IC07  105