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1955 UNUSED TICKET Denver Rio Grande VISTA DOME Main Line Colorado Rockies Train

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Here is a 1955 unused, new old stock ticket book from the Rio Grande Vista Dome train route through the Rocky Mountains.

Cool color photo on the cover! The stock photos show what you will receive, only yours will have a different ticket number.

There are 6 carbon copy (remember carbon copies?) type pages between the front and back cover.

The following is from a brochure about this route...

Modern Equipment... Modern Schedules... Thru the heart of the Scenic West.

Only Rio Grande goes t-h-r-u the matchless Rocky Mountains, offering two spectacular scenic routes across Colorful Colorado and Unique Utah. The unexcelled visibility of Vista-Dome cars gives travelers a new appreciation of Natures handiwork along the Rio Grande Main Line, which inspired the Vista-Dome idea.