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1960s AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC Huge Manual Flight Attendant Tickets Brochures

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Wow! A cool estate sale find!

See "all" the pics below!

Airline Schools Pacific - International Placement Center - Los Angeles, California.

Steward - Stewardess - Food Service - Ticketing, and more.

Marsha Toy - President.

Huge thick manual from the school. Contains many airlines brochures, photos & drawings of airplanes, maps, example tickets, what to wear, fashion, emergency procedures, etc.

The last page has an actual barf bag taped on!

This book belonged to Bonnie Thompson from Alhambra who graduated in 1960. 

Condition: Used, I believe everything is in there still, there are some stains, edge wear and tear, writing, fold marks, corner folds, etc.

The brochures and photographs are all glued in from the back so that you can still unfold them.