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1960's Vintage Dinner Menu SCOTTY CAMPBELL'S FOR STEAKS Redwood City CA

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Extremely hard to find!

Controversial cartoon about meat slaughtering!

Date: 1960's.
Restaurant: Scotty Campbell's For Steaks.
Location: 2907 El Camino Real, Redwood City, California.
Size when open: Full size - 12 x 19 inches.

This cartoon menu has an interesting discussion on Flickr...

Post... I was fascinated & a mite disturbed by the concept of the cow having been recently "dispatched" by the farmer with a smoking gun, the corpse being loaded into an ambulance and his cow-spirit happy on Heaven's pink cloud, as the lone, still living cow looks on in shock. There's a lot going on here and I can't say it would inspire me to order a thick, juicy steak, but the artwork is excellent and so are the prices. And I sure wish I could order two (the limit per customer) of the house special cocktails; "The Loch Ness Monster."

It's exploitative enough that humans to breed cattle for the express purpose of slaughtering them to eat. A vendor of cow steaks then exploits the animals with conceited cynicism by mocking their demise at the hands of the cattle farmer while simultaneously crediting one cow with a spiritual life derived from the human condition---the idea of being a virtuous animal that went to human heaven and acquired a saintly halo.

Post... All that anthropomorphic misapprehension is disturbing, but the detail in the illustration that gets my goat is the farmer used what appears to be a double-barrelled shotgun to kill the beast, both barrels still smokin'. A double-barrelled shotgun is the last type of firearm a responsible livestock farmer would ever use. The hundreds of shot balls in the cartridges fired would be embedded throughout the animal's body and make a big gory mess of it suitable for a horror movie, yet none of those realities are shown.

Post...I bet the cow has another view.

Check out the prices!

16 oz Filet Mignon Dinner... $4.95
Charcoal Broiled Australian Lobster Tail... $3.75
Old Country Style Pan Fried Chicken... $2.95
Loch Ness Monster Drink "Grognog"... $2.50 (Only 2 per person)

Condition: Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant-bar, so there may be writing, wear & tear, spots, stains, creases, etc. So please examine the images closely! Plenty of stains, erased pencil writing on the bottom back cover, 2 inch bottom fold line tear, crinkle creases, well used.