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1960's Vintage Western MYSTERY Restaurant Menu JAPAN ? Hotel ? Store ? Tokyo ?

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I need a little help on this one...

I can not find a date, a name for this place, or even a city, and I am not even sure of the language.

I "think" this is Japanese and from around the 1960's, please correct me if I am wrong.

Or could this be from Taiwan?

I am hoping someone can identify this place, is it a restaurant, hotel, department store, or what?

On the front cover, the small white sign in front "looks" like it starts with the letters "Ho....".

On the bottom of the back cover is some writing which Google Translate says is Japanese and translates to "Kana". When it was set to Chinese, nothing was translated.

I also have another menu (not up for sale yet) which is exactly like this one, except that it says "Cantonese Style" instead of saying "Western" on the front like this one, and the food items are different, they are Cantonese dishes. This listing is for only the one menu shown in the images.

Any help on this menu would be greatly appreciated!

Condition: Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant-bar, so there may be writing, wear & tear, spots, stains, creases, etc. So please examine the images closely! This menu has... stains, pinholes, edge wear, bumps, crinkles.