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1966 Menus Golden Door Health Spa Resort Hotel Escondido San Marcos California

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Two 1966 menus and three other items from the Golden Door Spa Resort Hotel in the County of San Diego, near Escondido. It is a 600 acre health & wellness retreat on Deer Springs Road, San Marcos, California. Famous place, still open! Each menu is for one week of time by day and consists of 8 pages for each menu. One of the other three items is a 4 page gold color letter talking about starting your own skin care program at home, the pink letter is also 4 pages long and talks about a yoga exercise schedule, and then the third other item, gold in color, is about a 10 minute daily exercise routine "in bed" (Why Not?) and is 4 pages long. 8x10 inches. Most of our menus were actually used in the restaurant, so there may be writing, wear and tear, spots, stains, crinkles and creases, etc., so please examine the images closely. inventory# b26-5.