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1970's INDICTMENT Women's Liberation Center Movement VS Playboy New York City

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Wow! This is so interesting!

This vintage flyer - handout was found in a stack of old New York restaurant menus that we purchased!

"No More Tricks Or Treats Committee"

The address at the bottom... Women's Liberation Center, 36 West 22nd Street, New York City. (Research indicates this was their address from 1970-1972)

In the book "Halloween From Pagan Ritual To Party Night" by Nicholas Rogers, it tells of the "No More Tricks Or Treats Committee" that marched upon the 59th Street Playboy Club in New York City to protest the absence of MALE BUNNIES and uncomfortable restrictive Bunny suits!

These women were passionate about their cause and did use some language on this flyer handout which I have covered with blue paper. No More S... and then attempting to F... their failures away.

Some of their accusations...

Sex Discrimination - No Male Bunnies, no women in decision making positions.

Age Discrimination - How many Bunnies are over 30?

Working Conditions Hazardous to Health - Tight Bunny uniforms impede breathing, blood circulation, deforms human body structure and restricts movement. Spike heels distort posture and create functional difficulties.

WE ACCUSE Hugh Hefner of advocating sexual freedom for everyone while actually creating only an artificial fantasy structure.

WE will not support the egos of men who are perpetuating the diseases of a sick society, then attempting to F... their failures away on us.

Condition: Wear, small edge tear, folded in half, crinkles & creases, age toning, edge yellowing. Size is 8.5 x 14 inches.