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1994 Gas Potential New Albany Shale Illinois Basin Devonian Mississippian FINAL

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  Very hard to find! This is the Final Report by the Gas Research Institute (GSI) - Exploration And Production Technology Research Department, 1994. Gas Potential Of The New Albany Shale In The Illinois Basin. The book is 83 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches.

Prepared by:

Illinois Basin Consortium
Illinois State Geological Survey
Indiana Geological Survey
Kentucky Geological Survey

Edited by: Nancy R. Hasenmueller and John B. Comer of the Indiana Geological Survey.

Complete with all seven plates - maps. Plates vary in size, plate #1 measures 27 x 32 inches, while as plate #5 is a whopping 38 x 50 inches, that's like 3 feet by 4 feet!