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FRISZCO CONVERTIBLE ROTORCRAFT Rotary Aircraft Amphibious Helicopter Rescue Boat

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  Schematic and craft printout of the Friszco Convertible Rotorcraft! I can not find any reference to this craft ever being produced, so I believe this was an experimental craft proposal, which would make sense as this came from the estate of a long-time employee of aerospace companies and other well known companies such as Hiller Helicopters!

Personnel Transport
Aerial Survey, Photographic Missions
Air-Sea Rescue
Amphibious Capability With Scuba Support
Forestry, Fire Fighting
Police Applications
Surface Vehicle For Road or Snow
Air Boat for Swamp
Runabout Vehicle

You get the 30 x 35 inch schematic,
with some pencil drawings on it, and a six page report on the Friszco Convertible, it looks like the inventor's name is J.O. Frisz, 1994.