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Photo Portfolio Boeing NASA Delta IV Rocket Test Firing Rocketdyne Propulsion

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This is from the estate of Gerry Coleman. It has about 76 images in it such as photos and diagrams, they are all photocopies, not original photos, not photo paper. Included in the back plastic sleeve are nine stickers for the Boeing Delta IV CBC Static Fire Team, one sticker for the RS-68 Delta IV Propulsion, and what looks like a cheat sheet with various info. There are some notes on the backs of some of the photos, such as names of people... Gerry Coleman, Ron Martin, Tybor Nagy (CCAFS), Chuck Seal (HB Prop), Bill Patrick (CCAFS), Wayne Rudisaille (CCAFS), Dale Beere (B-2 test stand SSC), Mark Felling, Carl Guichard (lying down, hard at work SSC). The first photo titled "What You Mean, "Wrong Igniter" ???? is of Gerry Coleman and Ron Martin, Stennis Space Center May 2001.

This is from the personal photograph collection of Gerry C. Coleman (Gerald Claiborne Coleman), a graduate of LSU in aeronautical engineering, he worked for Douglas, McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing in several capacities. He was one of the engineers who developed the engines that took the US to the moon and back. He was especially proud of the work his group did to design, build and fly a Single-Stage-To-Orbit X-plane rocket known as the "Delta Clipper" which took off and landed from it's tail.

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