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Rare 1838 Infant School Alphabet John F. Brown Concord N. H. Animal Woodcuts

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New England book is illustrated with woodcuts of animals throughout.
An illustration of a spouting whale on the last page, with the text “Whales in the sea, God’s voice obey.”
Other woodcuts show a cat catching a rat, a fox and owl
together, and a zebra. The book contains alphabets, numbers, roman numerals,
and syllables. Rhyming lines along the bottom of the pages... "The cat doth play / And after slay", “A
dog will bite / A thief at night”, “Time cuts down all / Both great and small”, "Youth forward slips / Death sonnest nips".

Bound in hand-stitched unprinted wrappers of textured handmade paper.

Good condition! Some foxing and fading, wear.