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Rare 1930s EDWARD Eddie SOTTO Signed Drawing GEMINI Horoscope Douglas Fairbanks

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  We have acquired a collection of original signed artwork by Edward "Eddie" Sotto, a scenic artist for MGM Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and portrait artist. He drew horoscopes for newspapers and personal portraits. He called the horoscope's "Horosketch's", they usually featured a portrait of a celebrity who was born on the same day. A Sotto family member verified that these are the original sketches - drawings that would then be printed into the newspapers in the 1930's. This artwork came from the estate of Marilyn Sotto, his daughter.

This offering is for one original drawing, it is for the GEMINI sign and features a DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS portrait who was born May 23, 1883. Hand drawn using pencil & pen. There are also paste-downs on this one for Gemini & To-morrows Lucky Hour. There is also a small paste-down that may read as Herald Feature Syndicate, Erie, Pa. It is unknown if this Horosketch was ever published. The size is 10 x 13 inches. It is on thicker stock paper, used condition with flaws, pinholes, folds, marks, etc.,
please examine the photos for a better idea of condition.

Edward "Eddie" Sotto was the father of famous Disney artist costume designer Marilyn Sotto.

Edward "Eddie" Sotto was the grandfather of the famous Eddie Sotto from Disney Imagineering.