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Rare 1972 Photo Album ROCKWELL MICROWAVE TEST FACILITY Arvin California B-52 B-1

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Wow! A rare find from the Southern California estate of T.J. Buchanan who was with the General Dynamics Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program. 

A photo album of the North American Rockwell Microwave Test Facility in the California desert! 

Construction - Groundbreaking - News interviews - Aerial views - New signage install - Large airplane models - Pics of comic type drawings - Contact photo sheets

Included are...

144 pics in the album

17 more 8 x 10 in. pics that are loose (some duplicates)

1 America's Heritage Space Shuttle brochure from 1975

A couple of pics have people names on the back, a couple of pics have an "Unclassified" Stamp from General Dynamics - Astronautics.