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Rare 1989 Pre-Print Conference Paper FISSION FRAGMENT ROCKETS A New Frontier

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Very hard to find!

This came from the Southern California estate of Mark A. Huebner, engineer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

This is a Pre-Print of Fission Fragment Rockets - A New Frontier.

A new reactor concept is described which would enable fission fragments to be continuously extracted from the reactor. Such a reactor has the potential of enabling extremely energetic and ambitious deep space missions. In this talk the basic physics issues involved in the operation of this type of reactor are outlined, and some possible applications to space exploration are described.

This paper was prepared for presentation at : FIFTY YEARS WITH NUCLEAR FISSION, April 1989, Maryland.

G.F. Chapline - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
W. M. Howard -
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
B.G. Schnitzler - Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

8 x 10, 13 pages. Very good.