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Rare 1st Ed. 1927 Representative CLEVELANDERS Cleveland Ohio HISTORY GENEALOGY

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•Title: Representative Clevelanders: A Biographical Directory of Leading Men and Women in Present Day Cleveland Community.
•Year: 1927 (first edition)
•Size (inches): 7.5 x 9.4

•Size (cm): 19 x 24
•Pages: 416
•Author: R. Y. McCray, Editor
  The Cleveland Topics Co. - Printed by The Britton Gardner Printing Company, Cleveland.


  Very hard to find first edition in decent shape! Huge alphabetical listing of Clevelanders from the roaring twenties! The beautiful cover has art deco style gold gilt raised lettering on the front and spine. Bumped corners. Front hinge is cracked but holding well. Two pages with paperclip marks and a couple small page edge tears. No writing, no missing or loose pages, no foxing!

From the forward...

The press of Cleveland, daily, weekly and metropolitan, will find "Representative Clevelanders" especially helpful on many points of importance and interest. Errors easily occurring in hasty writing or hurried preparation may be obviated to a degree by use of the compiled data which is in a standardized type form and style. Restrictions to accomplish uniformity may be misunderstood in some instances but the practicability of the form adopted will be apparent in usage. Libraries in Cleveland as well as in many other cities early signified their desire to have the book on their shelves.

As this volume makes its appearance Cleveland stands on the threshold of a new advance in industry and transportation.

When it is considered that ten million passengers or nearly one-tenth of the total population of the country are carried every year by steam railways, interurbans and busses in and out of the city, and that sixteen million tons of freight are hauled in by rail carriers annually, part of which is consumed and the remainder of which is manufactured into millions of tons of cargoes for outgoing shipments, one can realize more fully the urgent need of enlarged fact and figure references. Publications generally now concern themselves not so much about abstract affairs as about persons, who they are, what they are doing, where they came from and how they succeeded.

Increasing importance of Cleveland as a financial center also emphasizes the increased necessity of accurate vital statistical records for use of banks and business houses. Since the Federal Reserve system was inaugurated in 1914, resources of the member banks in the fourth district, of which Cleveland is the center, have more than tripled, now totaling close to four billion dollars. But more important than banking figures or transportation or manufacturing prestige is the growth of Cleveland's civic spirit before which the provincialism of olden days has been forced to bow, and to which this work is dedicated.

To those who responded courteously to this enterprise and with an understanding such as moved them to act for mutual community advantage, we express our feeling of gratitude.

No doubt, as time goes on there will be necessity of revision and in order to assure of this we will later invite suggestions for improvement or advice as to changes in biographical data, changes of address or of business associations, and especially notices of deaths.

R. Y. McCray, Editor.