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Rare Old ASBESTOS SAD IRON Alphabet ABC Book Comedy Verses E. Brate Rogers

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An old turn of the century Asbestos Sad Irons Alphabet Book. Being an ABC arrangement of humerous verses. By E. Brate Rogers.


A is for Auntie

in terrible


With an


Sad Iron

To press a-shirt waist.

Asbestos Sad Irons combine an

absolutely cool handle with a

very hot iron-the effect being

by their scientific construction.

B is for Bronson

an actor



Were ironed

with Asbestos

Sad Irons, I s'pose!

Asbestos Sad Irons will do

the work of twice as many

irons of any other kind -and do

it quicker and better.


In pretty good shape, see images for condition!

4 x 4.5 inches when closed.