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Ville de Paris Service Beaux-Arts Travaux Historiques Inscriptions Parisiennes

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This is some sort of French book - portfolio, but since I have no idea what this says I can't tell you much about it! Maybe somebody could fill me in! It came from the estate of French immigrants. What you see in the images is what you will receive. I cannot find any information on this exact book - portfolio. I can't even figure out what the date is although my best guess is 1883. There are seven pieces of loose paper document-text, each one is 14x19 inches when completely unfolded, each one is folded four times with a final folded size of 7x9.5 in. There is nothing else besides these seven folded documents and the cover; no photos, no illustrations, etc. In Roman numerals the pages are numbered from 1 to 23 with nothing missing in between.

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