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Vintage U.S. Naval Base PORT HUENEME Ca. OFFICIAL Photo Navy Construction Area

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Official Navy photograph of the U. S. Naval Base at Port Hueneme, California. A nice high quality view of a construction project. Does anyone know what this project is? Contact me please.

This photograph comes from the estate sale of a retired Naval officer, it is one in a collection of 18 photographs of the Port Hueneme Naval Base. Judging by the cars seen in a few of these, I would date them as being in the early 1940s. There are red lines on almost all of them, it looks like the Navy was planning on doing something; construction, moving, etc. They were originally in a two ring binder as evidenced by the attached hole mounts on each photo.

This photo is in good condition. There is some minor damage on the bottom due to someone most likely affixing the mounts on the wrong side first. Please examine the images closely as there may be small imperfections not noted here.